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Extra Lives Mod Apk (Zombie Survival Sim) - adventure recreation based totally on the famous for the time being theme. The challenge proposes to visit the city, which was infected with dangerous ailment, causing many of its population have was zombies.
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Extra Lives Mod Apk (Zombie Survival Sim) – adventure recreation based totally on the famous for the time being theme. The challenge proposes to visit the city, which was infected with dangerous ailment, causing many of its population have was zombies. However, the inflamed had been no longer the maximum risky trouble confronted by way of the person. Much worse are themselves survivors who are not any less bloodlust. In such occasions will need to exist the primary man or woman. The recreation functions a high level of violence, blood and brutality of the scenario.

A world or planet that is adverse usually happens, as we have seen in so many movies, to have some danger appear, and some countable figures appear to be able to save it. Basically, they save humanity from the apocalypse that comes in so many forms. Asteroids, aliens, infected viruses, zombies, creatures, and anything else is not important, but who saves the world becomes a hero. We love this phenomenon and would be thrilled to become the savior of the world if we could be this savior.

Using the evolution of technology integrated with the web, it is now possible to fulfill all your wishes, as if you were a savior in a simulated world filled with wonderful visuals and graphics. One of the gaming phenomena that needs her is Extra lives mod apk because the world collapsed due to a deadly virus that infected the world and turned them into zombies who are now attacking the remaining inhabitants.

By protecting the planet or humankind from this apocalypse, you can become the hero of the world. The only thing you need to do is select your superman suit from the available character choices for roleplay and take it to the battleground. Make the ultimate and upgraded character in order to fend off those bastards from protecting the humans from the world.

The game offers a variety of locations for you to choose from whenever you feel bored, as well as multiple weapons and tools to kill them in a variety of game modes, such as survival or deathmatch. The game offers more than eight warring sections that you can join, and once you’ve destroyed the zombies, you’ll have to fight other clans to establish your rule. A great amount of stunning effects can be seen in the classic Micki graphics.

Specification of Extra Lives Mod Apk:

App Name Extra Lives Mod Apk
 Latest Version v1.14
 Last Updated May 30, 2022
 Publisher MDickie.
 Requirements Android 5.1
 Category Adventure
 Size 51 MB
Price Free

Features of Extra Lives Mod Apk:

  • RED fist buttons allow you to ATTACK from both sides.
  • BLUE buttons on the palms allow you to RAISE or DROP with any hand.

Freely customize your characters

You can also freely create and customize your in-game characters to make the entire gameplay more interesting. Your profile can be customized with many customizable information. You can customize your character stats with certain initial setups and your costumes, which will make the overall gameplay much more exciting and enjoyable. In addition, Extra Lives offers more than 100 interesting customization options so you can enjoy your in-game experiences to the fullest.

Simple and intuitive MDickie touch controls

You can quickly enjoy the simple and intuitive gameplay of fighting and zombie survival experiences. You can use the standard virtual touch controls found in many MDickie games. Play the sandbox map freely, and use the colored buttons to execute combos and attacks. Have fun coming up with different ways to defeat your enemies. Use your virtual analog to move around the map and execute various attacks.

Discover the stories through immersive narratives

You will also be introduced to immersive narratives throughout your in-game experiences by Extra Lives, which will tell captivating stories about your battles against zombies or your survival in difficult situations. As a result, the entire Extra Lives storyline should be extremely engaging and immersive, promoting your overall experience in the game.

Join different warring factions and fight against the others

Android gamers will enjoy the action-packed gameplay of Extra Lives with eight different warring factions, each with their own unique traits, who are at war. Although they all hold different beliefs and ideals, they are all focused on defeating the zombies and giving mankind a fighting chance. Each faction has its own ultimate quest to wipe out the zombies, and you have the option of joining any of them.

Multiple characters to interact and play with

As an added bonus, Extra Lives also features multiple characters that can be interacted with and played with. From the start, you’ll be able to choose from over 200 different characters, each of whom has their own unique traits and characteristics, which should make the in-game stories much more engaging. As you unlock plenty of interesting gameplay and interaction options with Extra Lives, you can dive into your own selected stories and enjoy yourself.

Interesting locations to discover and play around

In case you’re interested, you can now enjoy your in-game experience even more by utilizing the awesome in-game settings. The game will feature multiple locations with different setups and interactive features for you to explore. Travel to 50 different locations and take part in puzzle solving, fighting, and many other exciting challenges.

Exciting combats with many interactive elements

Additionally, Extra Lives introduces many interactive items that you can use against your opponents as well as exciting combats. As you smash interesting items on your enemies and enjoy devastating combats in Extra Lives, you will have even more fun with the awesome gameplay of fighting. You won’t just be able to throw punches and kicks, but you will also be able to engage in awesome gunfights and swordplay.

Have fun with the unlocked version of the game

However, it’s still a freemium game, which means ads and in-game purchases will always be there. In this case, you might want to try out our modified version of the game. We offer unlimited in-game purchases, remove ads, and many interesting features for you to enjoy. Extra Lives Mod APK is an easy-to-use app that lets you activate all of these features. All you have to do is download it, follow the instructions, and you’re ready to go.

Multiple game modes to enjoy

There are many game modes in Extra Lives that you can easily access, which allows you to have more fun with the game. Welcome to join any of them and have more fun with it.

  • Find ways to defeat the zombies before they wipe out every human faction in Survival – Enjoy your exciting survival gameplay. As you attempt to eliminate the nasty undead, think of brilliant tactics to fight them and ways to bring the factions together.
  • There are a lot of exciting Deathmatch actions that you can participate in with Extra Lives. If you’re interested, you can join your fellow survivors in epic matches against incoming enemies. Take on endless enemies to win Deathmatch.
  • It is also possible to customize your in-game levels in Extra Lives’ Editor mode, so you can further enjoy the game in your own way. This is where you can freely add and remove any in-game elements you like, so feel free to experiment with different ideas without any difficulty.

Extra lives mod apk

On our website, users can download a mod version of Extra lives apk that has enhanced protocols and elements. Users can unlock characters and locations by using the unlimited money, unlimited rewards points, and premium features available in this mod variant. Weapons and tools can be upgraded, and characters can be designed with open accessories.

There are free tools available in the game’s store that you can use to meet the needs of higher levels. With antiban and antivirus functionality, integrated with a no-ad policy, he doesn’t require rooting during installation. All ads are blocked and removed from the game so that the game is safe and secure without lagging or bugs.

Get into the astonishing Features

There are a number of features and functions in Extra Lives mod apk that give users the experience of playing in different perceptions. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of those features and functions to make you aware of their potential.

Save the world from the virus.

Your task is to save the whole human race from the deadly virus that has infected the entire world and turned humans into zombies. In the game, you’ll have all the tools and equipment needed to fight them off, so work smartly and throw them out without wasting any bullets. In order to kill all of the survivors in the game, you must interact with other survivors like you.

200+ characters to choose

It is possible for you to choose from 200 characters in the gameplay, each with their unique skills and abilities. As you progress through the game, you receive rewards points that will allow you to unlock high-potential characters, which will help you have the best gaming experience.

Eight warring factions

You will need to join any one of the eight warring factions that are always at odds with each other in the game. However, they are helping each other in destroying the zombies during these times of adversity. To sweep off the zombies, everyone will work together. However, once the zombies have been eradicated, you will fight from your faction to kill others and establish your community rules.

50+ locations to roam

With Extra Lives mod apk, you can roam around and play the game in more than 50 different locations, switching between them and doing the same steps everywhere, like killing zombies with immersive storylines. You can explore the freshness of the background as you interact with your allies and plan at each auction that is unique in its outlook and elements.

Many modes to discover and play

Extra lives mod apk offers users a variety of infected virus gameplay modes, but the survival mode is your favorite since you are all trying to ensure your survival, which is the main objective of the game. In order to survive, you should kill the zombies and other clans. Deathmatch is another game mode, in which you can ally others and fight; editor mode allows you to customize the gameplay as you see fit.

Free to play

There is no need to pay for Extra Lives to enjoy all its exciting in-game features. In addition to all the exciting features available within Extra Lives, there is still free-to-play gameplay available for Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices.

Download Apk:

There are several web sites that provide this download at no cost or at a low charge, so that you can pass in-app purchases and get limitless gemstones, objects, and more. The addition of different Mods and Hacks will decorate your gaming revel in by using providing you with extra functions. You may also want to don’t forget downloading them.

The following steps will guide you through the process of downloading a modified APK:

  • Clicking on the “Download Now” button will take you to the next page.
  • Click on Download to down load the document.
  • As the document downloads, you may be capable of see it in the notification bar.
  • Check back each day for more modded apps and video games.


This apk has been chosen by users around the world as well. Download now to check it out for yourself. Though the ApkSystem is only a simulated friend, its Artificial Intelligence allows it to react quickly and accurately, even though it is extremely intelligent. To have the best companion, you must install Apk Mod Apk right away. It can make you happy, communicate with you, or even heal you.

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How to install Extra Lives Mod Apk v1.14 (Unlimited Health And Ammo) 2022 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Extra Lives Mod Apk v1.14 (Unlimited Health And Ammo) 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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